The Theosophical Society in ireland


The Theosophical Society in Ireland is a wholly independent Irish Organisation.

We are the successors to the original group of Theosophical Students in Ireland who received their charter directly from H.P. Blavatsky.

She along with W.Q. Judge founded the Theosophical Movement in New York City in 1875. The Original Irish group included George W. Russell (A.E.) poet and mystic, Charles Johnston translator of the Bagavad Gita, James M. Pryse occult author and close friend of Blavatsky among others.

The barakah of the original group work was passed on by A.E. to his close friend P.G. Bowen, author and teacher of practical occultism; later through his long time student Dorothy Emerson directly to us.

Theosophy comprises the ageless wisdom teachings veiled behind the great world religions.  The universality of these teachings rises above all sectarianism.  It demonstrates Universal Brotherhood as a fact in nature and the latent divinity of Man. 

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Please note that we are not affiliated with any other organisations local or international.


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